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How can we create a wholesome yet stylish identity?

I created the identity and packaging for Character Skin Care, a company that approaches skincare as nourishing for both body and soul. Laura, the founder of the company, was a joy to work with and had plans for the packaging that led to some unique design challenges and constraints.



The Character logo was designed to be recognizable and versatile in a variety of formats, to accommodate for the different sizes and shapes of each product's unique container.

Ingredients that shine ☀️

The colors of Character are soft and soothing, yet playful. Each color represents a key ingredient of a certain product. Together, they make up the entire color palette of the brand.

Off white is by far the most used color. It's clean, subdued, and unobtrusive. It lets the normally muted colors of standout ingredients pop and breathe.

Business Cards


Skincare Products

The tight constraints of different packaging sizes and shapes required a logo that could morph with them. The end result: a brand with a clean, simple look that mirrored the wholesomeness of the ingredients.


When starting off, Character created a sample pack of all products for friends and family to try out. With it, we included an insert to thank them for testing the skincare and pointing them to the newly created website.

tools used: pen & paper, Adobe CS, sketch, wordpress