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Architecting Northeastern’s First Design Conference

Interventions is an annual conference in its third year that takes place in April. I led a team of five talented people to create the concept and identity of the conference, and assure its continuation as an annual event. The conference is comprised of speakers, panels, and workshops, and discusses the role of creative thinkers in developing brands, products and services in an age of rapid technological advancement. There are appearances from companies such as Dribbble, Airbnb, and Netflix.


This type of project was a first for Scout and all members involved. We spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas, names, concepts, and visual directions. Our soul searching turned into rapid-fire visuals, keeping in mind the question: How does design intervene in the world, for better or worse?

A branding exercise we did with the client. After each person completed the exercise we combined all answers to yield a collaborative preliminary concept of the conference.

Brainstorming symbolism through three important parts of the conference theme: Interventions, Scout, and Society.

We created user flows for the site manager, speakers, attendees, and interested parties to narrow down necessary components for an MVP.

Some directions that didn't make the cut.


We settled on a direction that was loud, bold, and full of hands. Hands are a great tool to show the power of intervention in a common way, and make great wayfinding arrows. We put together a guide on how to create assets, a messaging guide for the voice of the conference, posters, and wayfinding for future teams to base their designs off of.

For a more detailed look at the Interventions identity, check out our brand guidelines.

Our primary typefaces are Rubik and Sentinel Italic. Sentinel should only be used in lowercase italic. These typefaces shall be used consistently in order to unify the appearance of all visual materials.

This color palette was chosen to exude a fun, dynamic atmosphere - the conference is a place with an energetic, purposeful, and contagious vibe. The colors work in RGB and CMYK color spaces to maintain consistency between print, web, and marketing collateral.


We put up an introductory website and planned for its various states - before, during, and after the conference. You can doodle on the site with your cursor (try it!) and buy tickets.

tools used: pen & paper, illustrator, sketch, photoshop, markers, sticky notes