creative direction / marketing / packaging

Using natural energy & culture to empower a lifestyle

M até Bros brews energy tea from Yerba Mate, a plant native to South America. I loved working with this startup to iteratively define their market, copy, and style thought advertisements and marketing collateral. It was interesting to leverage a co-founder of the company's olympian status, Sam Mikulak, through advertising and social media endorsements.


A brand with energy to match the product

This is a brand born out of the search for a natural alternative to unhealthy energy drinks. Its followers are active, health-conscious, and know when to relax. The logo represents balance with the people and environment around us, and the three hands symbolize commitment, connection, and competition. Our marketing is colorful, focused, and honest.

Banner advertisements for use on outdoor apparel, generic, and gymnastics sites, respectively.

End aisle displays and product holders to showcase endorsements and a new addition to a store.

A one-pager highlighting the drink's simple ingredients and a testimonial from Sam Mikulak, an olympian and co-founder of the company.


The founders wished to take the beverage to the next level. We worked together to create new packaging that was dynamic, bright, and ready to power a healthy, active lifestyle. The can is bigger than the previous version and all the ingredients are now organic. The cans now distinguish between different flavorings for future products such as yerba mate with lemon, raspberry, or orange.

Early concept sketches.

Directions that didn't make the cut.

Two variations of the final packaging, designed to make people curious about turning it over in their hand to see more of the logo and the company's story.