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Leveling the playing field of top-tier university admissions

P roject Access is a non-profit network of volunteer mentors from the world's top universities. They match prospective applicants with current students to offer guidance in the application process to elite universities. Project Access aims to level the playing field in university admissions for everyone. I worked closely with them to develop a new logo & brand aimed at being calming and professional, yet fun and active at the same time. I also reorganized their site map and created mockups for a redesigned website.


So much to say, one logo to say it

As an educational non-profit, Project Access is all about, well, access. They were looking for a logo that was open, inclusive, and fun, yet professional as befits an education company. I spent more time sketching and digitizing iterations for this brand than I had for any other.


In the end we settled on a key, representing access to the tools needed to open the gateway of university education. The three "sparks" represent the excitement and possibilities a higher education can bring to not just individuals, but communities as well.

Business Cards

These business cards were created to be simple, fun, and professional. Through a variety of reverse side options, the cards are more differentiated when multiple Project Access members give their cards to the same people.


The website features a predominently dark interface, lending a sense of calmness to the often frantic application process. This also helps lighter pages stand out and differentiate the company from competitors.


Because Project Access has mentors in so many countries, the logo was designed to have a nation signifier when used in specific cases, such as on a country's mentor page on social media or on letterheads sent from particular region groups. Social media images were made to be customizable in a variety of formats but similar enough to be consistent.