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Data & digitalization -
the future of manufacturing

T ulip Interfaces is the digital app platform for manufacturers. Their software encompasses work instructions, analytics, lean manufacturing, machine monitoring, quality assurance, training, and visibility for operators on the shop floor. As an intern, I was responsible for the marketing and complete redesign of the website, hardware packaging, and creating a design system to easily track and update UI elements. As a full-time employee, I worked on onboarding and bringing new features to life on the platform.


Engaging a new audience

Before the redesign, Tulip's website was aimed at attracting investors. When the company finished their Series A funding round, it was time to attract more customers and show off the software that had been kept under wraps. I worked with the Head of Design and the Head of HR to create a new image for the company - a more colorful and comprehensive look at Tulip's hardware and software.

Use cases populate randomly on a carousel when users visit the site. This makes the product more relatable to a variety of potential clients.

Human operators are at the center of Tulip. Despite the increase of automated processes within factories, most of the work is still done by people - something Tulip is careful to acknowledge, honor, and empower. Showing 3D representations of each use case in the factory helps potential customers visualize the benefits Tulip can bring to them.

The three core parts of Tulip's platform: the manufacturing app engine, shop floor iot, and manufacturing analytics. These illustrations were made to distill the essence of each part of a complex whole.

Tulip Resources: a one-stop-shop for the infinite ways to use Tulip and get updated on its insights into the manufacturing industry.


Tools for all

As Tulip began to support more devices and sensors connecting to its platform, a need arose for more unified and descriptive icons. There are very few existing illustrations for torque guns, machine vision cameras, and humidity sensors. I created light and dark versions of each, with duotone options where space allowed for larger icons.