project mgmt / identity / design system / development

How can we build better supply chains with blockchain?

A t Eximchain, I led the design of the first quadratic voting system and its corresponding mobile app, Passport. I also led the design and development of our native cryptocurrency wallet app and marketing website. I created the process for verifying a token holder thought Know Your Customer (KYC) identification. I crafted the EXC token logo and expanded our existing brand with a brand guide, updated typography, and broadened color. I built Axiom, an extensive design system from the ground up. In addition, we created supply chain blockchain enterprise solution concepts.

Design System

Axiom & Meta

We named our design system Axiom, because it is the source of truth for all of our designs. Axiom is separated into 4 parts: foundations, components, patterns, and templates. Each of these parts is comprised of elements found in the previous one: components are made out of foundations, patterns our of components, etc. This allowed the system to be very versatile.

Under the hood of Axiom was the Meta Design System: a design system for the design system. This includes components like color swatch formats, typography specs, covers for design files, and formatting of Axiom's documentation.


Passport App

I led the design of the Eximchain Passport App, which allows members of the Eximchain Network to vote for who should run the masternodes of the network, view election stats in real-time, and create + view member profiles.

Wallet App + Website

I was responsible for the front-end development of the Eximchain Wallet app, an electron-based desktop app powered by react. Forked from the popular MyCrypto crytocurrency wallet, our app featured a number of improvements, including a streamlined interface, a simpler transaction executor, and the ability to vote for which members of the Eximchain Network have control of masternodes. I also created the landing page for the Wallet marketing site.

Token Holder Verification

I created the process by which users verified that they held tokens. The Eximchain Network requires members to hold a minimum of 500 EXC and pass Know Your Customer (KYC) Verification to participate in voting cycles.


Brand Guide

Along with Mario, a fellow designer at Eximchain, I created the company's brand guide. Most unique to our documentation are the illustration and motion sections, to ensure our graphics and animations are consistent and on-brand.

Token Logo

I designed the Eximchain token logo, a mark that doubles as the symbol for our native token and an abbreviated counterpart to the Eximchain Wordmark.

tools used: pen & paper, figma, Adobe CS, sketch, markers, sticky notes